Security Patch Installation Service


Security Patch Installation

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Magento Security Patch Installation Service

For Ecommerce websites security plays an important role. To protect online stores from possible hacker attacks and make the Magento system much more secure new patches are regularly released. And it’s highly important to timely install Magento security patches keep your data safe from attackers.
Magento has already released one patch last year, but 80% of Magento stores haven’t applied and so those were vulnerable, so Magento has to send a notification to install patches and make your Magento store secure. The Security Patch Installation provides the service of installing Magento patches on the client’s website. We have covered the installation of the following patches but you can install others using the same method:
SUPEE 1533 , SUPEE 5344 , SUPEE 5994 , SUPEE 6285 , SUPEE 6482 , SUPEE 6788 , SUPEE 7405 , SUPEE 7616 , SUPEE 8788
Installing Magento Security Patch may affect the stability of your web-store and sometimes cause data loss, do you aware of that? To avoid all risks that may happen during installing the patch(es), nothing is more effective than leaving it for a top Magento provider.

Magento Security Patch

If you are affrighted and don’t know to How to Install the security patches your Magento Believes in our expert team to do it very smoothly and fast for you without any harm to your store. Our experienced specialists will ensure the security patches and are installed and applied properly with the best testing and also remind the Magento store owner of any new patches installation at the owner’s request.