Upgrade Magento 2 versions via admin panel

Start System Upgrade from the Magento Admin.

Step1:Login to Admin panel with user name and password.

Step2:Go to Admin Sidebar-> System > Tools > Web Setup Wizard.

The following page displays.

Step3:Click System Configuration.

Step4:If you haven’t already done so, enter your authentication keys in the provided fields.

The following figure shows an example if you have already entered your keys.

Step5:Click Save Config.

Step6:Click System Upgrade.

Magento begins searching for core module updates immediately. To also search for component updates, click Yes. A sample follows:

The page displays similar to the following when we find components to upgrade.

Step7:Select versions to upgrade.

The following error can indicate one of several issues, including that you haven’t entered your authentication keys in the Magento Admin:

For suggested solutions to other causes indicated by this message, see troubleshooting.

Sample data

The System Upgrade utility installs sample data for you but doesn’t display it, if you:

  • Used the magento sampledata:deploy command to download, but not installed sample data
  • You chose to update components at the same time as the Magento system software