Configure magento with SSL

While shopping online customers are concerned about one thing – their payment and address information privacy and security. SSL certificate is an important upgrade to your website. The basic functionality of SSL is to encrypt all communication between the browser and the server. SSL certificate will greatly improve your business and website credibility as your visitors will see that their data is protected and you are accredited and verified business owner by a well-known SSL vendor.  

You have your SSL purchased and installed you can activate it for your Magento store via your.

First you need to login to your admin area with username and password

Like below snap shot

After that go to System -> Configuration.

Like below snap shot

Next, click on the Web link under the General tab in your left menu.

You will see many options you can configure. However, focus only on the secure tab. After that you will go to secure menu. In this section you should edit the following values.

Like below snap shot.

You can change following values:

Base URL: Write your site URL domain name where your actual domain name.

Use Secure URLs in Frontend: If you would like to have your Magento store to work via HTTPS only, you may set this value to YES. Otherwise set to be NO.

Use Secure URLs in Admin: If you would like to have your Magento Admin panel accessible only via HTTPS you should consider setting this value to YES. Otherwise set to be NO.

After that click on save config.

Like below snap shot