Installation patches in magento

Magento has recently launched the patches on Nov 26, 2014 and Feb 9, 2015, It is very much recommended to install the patch as soon as possible . Magento has already released one patch last year, but 80% of Magento stores have not applied , so Magento have to send notification to install patches and make your Magento store secure.

This article discusses how to apply and revert Magento patches you get in any of the following ways:

We have covered the installation of following patches

  • SUPEE 1533
  • SUPEE 5344
  • SUPEE 5994
  • SUPEE 628
  • SUPEE 6482
  • SUPEE 6788
  • SUPEE 7405
  • SUPEE 7616
  • SUPEE 8788

Hacker can run the different type of code and try to create one fake admin user in the Magento database leveraging SQL. If you think, your website has been hacked, then please try to find usernames in your database: admin_user  and abcd , as these are the names hackers are using so far.

SUPEE 1533 &SUPEE 5344

You can download the patches from the official website of magento,

Here is the link

Now install the patches for the website, here is the simplest way to apply patches on your magento.

There are 3 ways to install patches in your website

Either using SSH and the other one is using FTP or cpanel


Make sure compilation has been disabled in your store before installing patches. If you have not disabled the compiler so please firstly you have to disable the compilation

Follow all steps to install patches

Method 1 :

Step 1: Upload patch files in the root of magento.

Step 2:Make one file with the name of patch.php, write following code in it,

Upload it in the root and run the file from the browser

Name should be or

Method 2:

Step 1:Upload the patch files in the root,

Step 2:;In ssh console, run the command as following.

For .sh file extension



For .patch file extension:

patch —p0 < patch_file_name.patch

Similarly install other patches