How to create Product in magento2

Step1:Login to Admin panel with user name and password.

Step2:Admin panel dashboard will shown like below snap shot.

Step3:After that we will click on products tab in the left sidebar..

Step4:Now click on Catalog like below snap shot.

Step5:The upper-right corner of the Products page you will see the Add Product button. Pressing the button will immediately send you to the New Product page. There you will start creating you Simple product.

However, if you need to create other types of products you should click on the arrow near the Add Product button and choose the type you need from the list (Simple Product, Configurable Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product and Downloadable Product). Like below screen shot

Step6:Now we will complete the Required Fields on the New Product page.

General Information

  • Enable product – If yes product will be enable otherwise product will be disable
  • Attribute Set – It set as default.
  • SKU – Write your product name which you want to create.
  • Enable product – Write sku (all product name is same but sku is different every time)
  • Price – Write price of your product.
  • Tax class – Select tax class (None or Taxable Goods).
  • Quantity – Write quantity of your product.
  • Stoke status – Select In Stoke
  • Weight – Write weight of your product.
  • Categories – Select Category which you want to add this product.
  • Visibility – Select Catalog, Search or Not visible individually
  • Country of Manufacture – It’s not compulsory to select this but if you want to select country then select you.


  • Description – Write Description of your product
  • Short Description – Write short description of your product

Step8:Images and Videos

Click on browse to find image and select image which you want to show on your product then click on open button, you can see in below screenshot

Step9:Search Engine Optimization

  • URL Key – Write URL of your product page.
  • Meta Title – The title of the page that will show on your browser’s tab.
  • Meta Keywords – Used by search engines to index the category’s page
  • Meta Description – This description will help search engines to better understand the content of the category

Step10:Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells

After that click on Add Related product new window will appear. Check on product you want to add on this and click on Add Selected products

Like below snap shot

After that to add selected product your window like this

Similarly add up sell products same method will be apply


  • Layout – Set layout as 1 column, 1 column with left bar, 1 column with right bar or 3 column.
  • Display Product Options In – Select Product info column or Block after info column
  • Meta Keywords – It should be blank

Below snap shot

Make sure that you need to fill-up all the details. Once you are done, click on save button.

Make sure that you need to fill-up all the details. Once you are done, click on save button.

Your product will be create please check on backend it will show like this

And your Category page it will show like this