How to Create and call static block in Magento 2

While I working on a project, I will add a unique static block between header and content of the CMS page. Block can contain text; images even video and assign any page.  If you want to show image, image slider banner than you can use static block and call any pages if you want.

Follow some step and successfully create static block

Step 1 : Go to Admin panel Login with user name and password.

Step 2 : Admin panel dashboard will show like below snapshot.

Step 3 : After that we will move on Admin sidebar.

Step 4 : Click the content tab you see more option select block.

Step 5 : After that go to add new block option.

Step 6 : After that fill all below snap shot information.

Block title: In the block title you write your bock name.

Identifier: Identifier also have the small latter you remembers  that because if you want to call static block in any page than you use identifier.

Store view: In the store view you see many option select any one like main web site.

Status: Select the status is enabled.

Show & Hide: Click show&hide folder see some more option like insert widget, insert image, insert variable.

Insert widget: If you want to call any page in home page than we use the insert widget and select widget.


Insert Image: We want to show any image in the show we use Insert Image and select the Image.

Variable : If you to call any variable than we use the variable and select any one variable.

Save Block: After that we will go on save block

Show your block

Step 7 :: You want to show your static block in any page like home page follow some instructions.

Select page:Enter the content tab you see more option select page

Select Tab: You Click select tab and enter the edit option

Content option:Select the Content option

Insert Widget: Select to Insert widget

After you select Insert widget open widget type and select cms static block.

Then you select (select block) option After select block you select insert widget

You see block

You select save page

Frontend like show.

Our block name block it contain  hello word you see in home page.