Free shipping method

Free shipping method is a part of promotion program you offer customer that dmeans customer do the any order and the product have to free shipping thee customer is a very happy .so that free shipping is must be important

To create Free Shipping method in Magento 2, do the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Admin panel Login with user name and password

Step 2:Admin panel dashboard will show like

Like below snap shot

Step 3:After that we will move on Admin sidebar.

Step 4: Click on Stores ->Setting->Configuration

We click the configuration option Look this

We will move the following page

Step 5:we will go to the sales click them open many option select shipping method sales->shipping methods

Under the shipping method we select shipping optionoption.

Like below slap shot flat rate shipping.

Step6:We click the free shipping option then see the page

  • Fill all necessary information step by step
  • Enabled: select to Enabled yes option
  • Title:- Set the title for the checkout page
  • Method Name:information about the shipping method
  • Minimum order amount:offer the minimum order amount for the free shipping
  • Displayed error message: If flat rate shipping not applicable showerror massage
  • Ship to applicable country :Set applicable country
  • Ship to specific country: Select any specific country
  • Sort order : set the sort order on shipping method on the checkout page.
  • Fill all necessary information we click Save config

Step 7: After save option we go the next step

Step 8: from the free shipping method configuration open the ups

We select necessary option like

  • Enable: we select yes option
  • Free shipping amount: Enter the minimum amount for free shipping. option
  • Fill all necessary option then we click save config.