Flat rate shipping method

Flat rate shipping method describe the fixed rate of shipping any order customer are do the order of any sizes, weight, different address but shipping charges is the same that is a flat rate shipping method.

To create Flat rate shipping method in Magento 2, do the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Admin panel Login with user name and password

Step 2:Admin panel dashboard will show like

Like below snap shot

Step 3:After that we will move on Admin sidebar.

Step 4: Click on Stores ->Setting->Configuration

We click the configuration option Look this

We will move the following page

Step 5:we will go to the sales click them open many option select Flat rate shipping method sales->Flat rate shipping method

Under the shipping method we select flat rate option

like below snap shot.

  • Fill all necessary information step by step


      : select to Enabled



  • Title:- Set the title for the checkout page
  • Method Name:information about the shipping method
  • We apply term and condition in flat free shipping method we have tree option select any one.
  • None: In this type shipping rate is zero
  • Per order: : Set flat rate shipping for an enter order
  • Per item: : set the flat rate shipping per item
  • price: what is the charge for flat rate shipping
  • Calculating handling fee: If you ask charge to charge an additional handling fee setcalculating handling fee
  • Displayed error message: If flat rate shipping not applicable showerror massage
  • Ship to applicable country :Set applicable country
  • Ship to specific country: Select any specific country
  • Sort order : set the sort order on shipping method on the checkout page.
  • Minimum order amount: : offer the minimum order amount for the free shipping.
    • We fill all necessary information we click save config