Document for creating bundle products

Step1:Firstly login to admin panel with user name and password..

Step2:Admin panel dashboard will show like this :-

Step3:On left bar products menu will be appear, click on products and go to inventory -> catalog. Click on catalog

Step4:For creating bundle product right hand side which is shown Add product button and click on arrow it shown just like show

Step5:Then click on Bundle product of 5th number.

Step6: After that we will move on how to create bundle product

Fill all the requirement details.

First of all product will be enable, attribute set as default and here write product name of your product for EX. SamenvattingNederlandsen Engels is product name and write its SKU for Ex .Nederlandsen Engels or en Engels or Samenvatting it depends upon you .

Note: Product name must be same but SKU must be different always

Step7: After that fill all details to show your product .Stoke status will be in stoke always…if you be select out of stoke then your product will not be visible on front end. So stoke status will be in stoke always.

Step8: Then moves on Categories field fill category which you want to addon these product
Suppose I add on havo category as below screen shot and click on done button

Write custom price and format which is drop down list option is hardcopy, digital and hardcopy + digital…you will select what you want.

Step9: Then moves on content area type your content.

Like this:-

Step10: After that we will move on image fieldclick on image browser new window will be appear select image and click to open button

Below screen shot:-

Step11: Moves on Related Products, Up-Sells product

Click add related product button new window will be appear just like this then select 2 product which you want to add ..

Then click on Add selected product button…Screen shot below

Similarly click on Add up sell product and product will be selected

Step12:After that fill all details click on save button

Note:- Please copy your product sku because it will be used for Simple product

Your bundle product will be shown

Step13:Then next step we will be gone on simple product which is hardcopy, digital and hardcopy + digital

We will make a hardcopy simple product

Step14:Click on Add product button

Step15:Follow the procedure as below:-

Fill all the details Such as product name will be hardcopy and sku must me hardcopy and bundle product sku name because it’s your comfortable you will easily find bundle and its simple product…fill price of your hardcopy product (it seems like 11.99 and so on)or digital or hardcopy + digital

Tax class will be select as your task 6% tax rate for hardcopy, 21% tax rate for digital and 8.70 % tax rate for digital+ hardcopy

Quantity must be fill it depends upon you and stoke status will be in stoke.

Step16:Fill weight. Please remember that not fill category field because it’s already fill in bundle product next fill custom price and select format and

Step17:Follow the procedure as below:-

Similarly create for digital and hardcopy+ digital fill all details but sku must be like this for digital…. digital- SamenvattingNederlands and hardcopy + digital copy-samenvattingNederlandslike that and fill tax rate and price u know. I have already created

All three simple product will be shown as screen shots (red is bundle and orange is simple)

Step18:Then go to our bundle product click on edit action

Your bundle product will be appear

Step19:Go to bundle items select ship bundle items will be separately

Click on Add option

Write option title. It will be your product name Select input type radio button then click Add product to option button

Step20:New window will be appear for select its simple product (hardcopy, digital and hardcopy + digital)

Select its 3 simple product which you want to add in bundle product and click add selected product

All 3 simple product will be added in bundle product it show like this .fill default quantity will be 1 in all

And by default hardcopy radio button will be selected

Step21:: After that click on save button our bundle product will be ready

On front end it will be show like this