Create new Category in Magneto 2

Refer below process to create new category in magento 2.

Step 1: Go to Admin panel Login with username and password.

Step 2: After the successful login it will redirect you to the magento 2 dashboard as shown below:

Step 3: Now select the product tab which was present on the left sidebar.

Step 4: It will open a window and then select categories option as shown in below screenshot.

Note: Magneto 2 comes with a default root category but you can create your own and name it as you like.

Step 5: How to Add New Category

If you want to add root category, click on root category button OR if you want to add sub category for the existing category then first select category from existing list and click add subcategory button.

Step 6: Click on default category and we will go on Add subcategory

Click on Add Subcategory button and provide the required information needed. Follow the below steps to fill up the required information.

Step 7: General Information

For the general Information you need to set up the following parameter.

  • Enable Category – Yes if you want to make Active and No to deactivate
  • Include in menu – yes if you want to add in menu
  • Name – Give a name to your new category which will be your category name in front-end.

For the general Information you need to set up the following parameter.

Step 8: Content

  • Category Image – Here you can choose and image for the category
  • Description – Write description of your category for SEO benefit
  • Add CMS Block – you can select CMS block but it’s not compulsory.

Step 9: Display Settings

If you want to show static block content to customers instead of product list under category then you need to set display mode to static block only. For this tab you need to set up the following parameters

  • Display Mode – Set Display Mode from Products Only, Static Block Only or Static Block and Products
  • In Anchor – Select Yes or No
  • Available Product Listing Sort by – Uncheck the check box and select suitable option to short by.
  • Default Product Listing Sort by – Same uncheck the check box and select one of them
  • Layered Navigation Price Step – Enter price step.

Step 10: Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta Title –The title of the page that will show on your browser’s tab.
  • Meta Keywords – Used by search engines to index the category’s page
  • Meta Description – This description will help search engines to better understand the content of the category

Step 11: Products in Category

This tab is used to display products that you want to display in this current category.Here you can selects the products which you wants to assign to this category.

Step 12: Design

  • Theme –Select theme which you want to select to your site. By default it’s Magneto Luma
  • Layout– Set layout as 1 column, 1 column with left bar, 1 column with right bar or 3 column.
  • Layout Update XML– It should be blank

Make sure that you just need to fill-up General info tab only. The rest are all optional. Once you are done, click on save button.

Finally your new category is being created and you can see from the below screenshot how your category appears on the admin panel.