Catalog price Rule

Catalog price is based on a set of conditions. Catalog price rule do not use coupon codes. In catalog product your customer to buy product at a discount price. The Catalog Price Rule is auto-applied when the conditions are met product instead of including coupon codes.

To create Catalog Price Rule in Magento 2, do the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Admin panel Login with user name and password

Step 2: After that go to marketing section

Like below snap shot

Step 3 : After that we will go on Promotions -> Catalog price

Like below snap shot

Step 4 : In the upper-right corner, tap Add New Rule

Step 5: On the Rule section  Information, do the following:

  • Rule Name – Here you should enter the name of your rule.
  • Description you can type any information related to the rule.
  • Status – Specifies whether your catalog price rule is active or not.
  • Website – Select your website on which the price rule will apply.
  • Customers Groups – rules can be used to control prices for different customer groups. If you are using the sample data, you’ll see that the Retailer group is not selected. So, if a customer belongs to this group, he will get a regular price. Select all groups if you want the rule to be universal.
  • From To and To Date – Define the range of dates when the rule will be in effect. If you leave the dates blank, the rule is enabled as soon as the price rule is saved.
  • Priority – This property will affect the order in which the rules are applied. Since the sorting is in an ascending order, the higher value is assigned to this property.

Step 6: After that we will go on Conditions section. 

However, you can change conditions ANY to ALL or/and TRUE to FALSE and eventually get a combining condition – If ALL of these conditions are FALSE.

In the list under Product Attribute, select the attribute that you want to use as the basis of the condition. For this example, the selected condition is “Attribute Set.”

Either you can select category which you want to add catalog rule

Step 7: After that go on Action section.

Like below snap shot

Apply – This option helps you to select how the discount will apply.

You can choose:

  • Apply as percentage of original: The updated price is calculated by eliminating a percentage of original prices.
  • Apply as fixed amount: The discount is the number inserted into the Discount Amount field.
  • Adjust final price to this percentage: The updated price is the percentage of the original price.
  • Adjust final price to discount value: The updated price is a fixed number.

Discount Amount – Here you should set the amount of you discount.

Discard subsequent rules – If you have more than one rule and in some situation all the conditions of two or more rules are fulfilled, then all the rules that meet the requirements will be applied. If you want only this particular rule to apply set this option into YES.


Step 8 After that click on save button.