Cart Price Rule

In thePROMOTIONsection there is a tab called Cart Price Rules.Here you can
set up define promotions and discounts that are only related to the product in the customer’s shopping cart.

Cart Price Rule is a special rule with conditions you define in the configuration that allows your customer to
buy product at a discounted price. coupon code form Magento configuration and your customer
only need to insert the code into theApply Discountbox in the checkout process. The value of the coupon will check on the Order Review.

Create a Cart Price Rule

Follow Some Steps You Can Create a Cart Price Rule:

Step 1:Go to Admin panel Login with user name and password

Step 2:Admin panel dashboard will show like below snap shot

Step 3:After that we will move on Admin sidebar.

Step 4: Click on marketing -> cart price rule

Step 5 :Click add new rule

Step 6 :Fill some information

Rule information:

Rule name: Name of the rule when we write in the box

Description:- About your rule which type of rule do you want crate some information

Status:- status have two option one active and second inactive you select active option

Website:– select main website option

Customer Group :-In the customer group have to some option like that general,wholesale, retailer you select any
one option general is the normal option and wholesale that means customer use the wholesale product than apply coupen

Coupon:-Coupon have two option no coupon and specific coupon you select specific coupon

Use per customer :- In this box you select limit on the customer when we log in

Date-From –to:-Add date when your coupon is valid

Priority:- if you have some cart rules than you select priority

Public In Rss feed:- you select yes option

Step:-7After complete some information you go to the next step

Condition:-Click Condition option open two link All and true and you select the option all than open two option all and any and you click the option true than open two opection true and false you select true option than you click plus sign open some option  condition combination ,product attribute, attribute set, category  you have many option select one option select condition combination option

Step:-8After you complete step-7 you move next step

Actions:- Click Actions tab open some boxes you fill one by one first is apply in the apply option have some option select any one options like which discount do you want to give on your product    

Discount amount: when we want to discount on your product and ofter select some qty discount when we want to give

Apply to Shipping Amount:- how much amount customer pay in shipping product  have some options like free shipping ,for matching item only

Step:-9 After you complete step-8 you move next step

Labels:-when we click labels option open default rule and feel default rule label for all store on according to you rules second option is store view specific labels set the label for some store than you

Click save option

You see your cart price rule after click save option: